ThreeForks, Inc 

 Elevator Wyndham, MT December 2011

Looking north from Three Forks, MT May 2012, ©

ThreeForks is an innovative company with twenty-five years of post secondary administrative and management consulting experience. We are leadership with vision.

Our mission is effective, efficient administration which allows your staff and the institution to keep the focus on your students.

We are a solutions oriented firm. Our clients are colleges, universities and related organizations who want to take their administration to the next level. We are solving administrative problems using information technology and better management practices to hold costs down. The ThreeForks key to success is forward looking broad strategic thinking and problem solving. We listen to our clients, and bring our experiences to bear on your needs today while looking forward to your successes tomorrow and beyond.

Success ~ Results from: Good Planning & Great Execution
Good Planning ~ Comes from: Listening, Thinking, Discussion, Collaboration & Documentation.
Great Execution ~ Comes from: Resource management - sufficent time, good people & adiquate funding.
All of this requires leadership with vision. This is what ThreeForks brings to your college and your projects.

Black Lives Matter, every day everywhere.