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We are a post-secondary education information technology consulting firm dedicated to the needs of higher education administration. Our goal has remained singular: we support colleges and universities who want to maintain the highest levels of administrative competence. We partner to deliver strategic management advice, project management services, information technology solutions, and training solutions.


Your resouces are limited. The pressures to succeed are intense. We understand. Our approach is to listen, to think with you, and to collaborate to tailor solutions that are specific to your needs. One solution does not fit every problem. This is where our determined focus on your needs and responsive customer service is your advantage.


ThreeForks, Inc. was established in 1996 by a small group of higher education administration professionals experienced in admission, financial aid, registration, student accounts and information technology who were seeking to improve the administration of colleges through the better use of technology. We seek to work smarter and not just harder to serve students more effectively. For the past twenty-one years we have continued to partner with selected insitutions who found our values consistent with their needs and goals to serve their students.


We offer expertise and tailored solutions for many different types of institutions: community colleges, traditional four-year colleges, online universities, public, private and for-profit institutions. ThreeForks has successfully served over 135 institutions of higher education in the course of the last twenty-one years.


ThreeForks is engaged with a number of small and large, private and public colleges and universities in a variety of projects encompassing student information system conversion and implementation (Peoplesoft™, Banner™, Colleague™, Jenzabar™ and PowerFAIDS™), system integration, office operations reengineering, audit and Federal Program Review preparation, response and compliance, enrollment management planning and reporting, Federal, state and institutional research and reporting.


  Stephen Peterson,

President & Principle

Stephen has worked in higher education administration for the past thirty-five years in a variety of roles encompassing Student Financial Aid, Registration, and Information Technology. He works with clients to identify the strategic advantages that ThreeForks can provide, and develops the vision for new products and services. A former Director of Financial Aid, Stephen held administrative posts at several institutions of higher education before founding ThreeForks.


He holds two undergraduate degrees from Rice University.

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