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Updated 2019-02-01 We are pleased to offer both Hardwick-Day/PowerFAIDS and WhiteBoard/PowerFAIDS Financial Aid reporting tools for extracting their standard reports. For more information about these tools, please contact us.

Hardwick Day Extract Link (password protected)
Whiteboard Extract Link (password protected)

A small working group of schools came together to create a common guide to set up document tracking in PowerFAIDS® for 2013-2014 using the new Federal Verification codes. The principles behind these rules apply commonly not only to PowerFAIDS®, but also Banner®, Colleague® and Jenzabar/CX® as well, wheather you are writing selection sets, popsels, savedlists or system rules. We are pleased to share this guide for general use.

A brief guide to setting up Federal Verification Document tracking in PowerFAIDS®

ThreeForks continues to offer support for state reporting in the states of: California, Massachusetts, Texas and Washington through the TFToolkit.

Please click on the link below appropriate to your state for an update for the 2018-2019 California MIS, Texas FADS OR Washington URR reporting cycle. (the MA OSFA report will be released shortly.)

Washington Schools: Updated for years 2018-2019 and beyond. A substantial boost in operational performance. Run times under 10 minutes.

PF_State Annual Update Link -- Updated 2019-07-25 (password protected) Recommended Update Ver 3.1.m

Texas Schools: PF_State has been updated for 2018-2019 Cycle 2 addressing the four items listd by the Coordinating Board.

PF_State Annual Update Link -- Updated 2018-06-21 (password protected) Required Update Ver 3.1.r

The following items have been corrected or updated for FY19 Cycle 2 reporting (and beyond):

** Per the community's request, we added a TEG-SAPOVERRIDE value which may be used to create your own custom reporting for TEG SAP Status values.

TFToolkit [v1.4.5] -- Base install / new clients or new computers (password protected)