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Updated 2019-02-01 We are pleased to offer both Hardwick-Day/PowerFAIDS and WhiteBoard/PowerFAIDS Financial Aid reporting tools for extracting their standard reports. For more information about these tools, please contact us.

Hardwick Day Extract Link (password protected)
Whiteboard Extract Link (password protected)

A small working group of schools came together to create a common guide to set up document tracking in PowerFAIDS® for 2013-2014 using the new Federal Verification codes. The principles behind these rules apply commonly not only to PowerFAIDS®, but also Banner®, Colleague® and Jenzabar/CX® as well, wheather you are writing selection sets, popsels, savedlists or system rules. We are pleased to share this guide for general use.

A brief guide to setting up Federal Verification Document tracking in PowerFAIDS®

ThreeForks continues to offer support for state reporting in the states of: California, Massachusetts, Texas and Washington through the TFToolkit.

Please click on the link below appropriate to your state for an update for the 2018-2019 California MIS, Texas FADS OR Washington URR reporting cycle. (the MA OSFA report will be released shortly.)

Washington Schools: Updated for years 2017-2018 and beyond. A substantial boost in operational performance. Run times under 10 minutes.

PF_State Annual Update Link -- Updated 2019-06-21 (password protected) Recommended Update Ver 3.1.m

Texas Schools: PF_State has been updated for 2018-2019 Cycle 2 addressing the four items listd by the Coordinating Board.

PF_State Annual Update Link -- Updated 2018-06-21 (password protected) Required Update Ver 3.1.r

The following items have been corrected or updated for FY19 Cycle 2 reporting (and beyond):

** Please note Field 112 continues to presume if you awarded a student, and then paid, them that the student is SAP eligible at the time of payment. We still do not check or report from the student's SAP status at either the application level or POE level.

TFToolkit [v1.4.5] -- Base install / new clients or new computers (password protected)